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Oh FB.. Bad Form..!

The lovely lupagreenwolf recently apprised me of the fact that if you turn your FB nav. language to Leet Speak, then visit the About section of anyone single or female, you'll see them dubbed as "lonely" & "sandwich maker." o.O  So to investigate, I gave it a go m'self.  Went through the process, took a screen cap, n' the below is what I got. See the column on the bottom? It's a screen capture. No photo manip. here, whatsoever.

I know this is "supposed" to be funny- something "clever" and "in," but for an entity as large as Facebook to mass-publish this kind of stupidity & misogyny.. that.. that's disturbing in my book. What's next? A Redneck Translator w/crude allusions to singles masturbating & women being chained to the stove?  

It's not that I don't get it's a joke. It's that a public giant as enormous & influential as FB is right now (especially w/the younger generations) should be more responsible than this.  They should freaking know better than to propagate this kind of mindset- 'cause in many places around the world, this kind of mindset is NOT, not anywhere NEAR being a joke.  People still treat women like this today, and our taking that fact for granted is dangerous & irresponsible.

If individuals wanna make these jokes, fine. I laugh at redneck & blind jokes too. But to me, that's my choice, as a Southerner (as much as I loathe to admit it), a visually impaired person, & an INDIVIDUAL. My own family barely gives a shit what I have to say.  If I spout that I think little green men should damn-well do what they're told, nobody's gonna give a hoot.  But regardless of how many people can read l33t, regardless of it supposedly being an attempt at "humour," a global giant like FB should leave the stupid sexist l33t terminology to the dorks who wanna spout this crap- & then complain that they can never get a date. :P

Anyhoo- for those who'd like to tell FB how they feel, here's the link for where you can petition FB to take this insulting crap down.  Or.. to root 'em on.  That's your prerogative too.



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Jan. 4th, 2012 10:08 pm (UTC)
It might be because I'm not a native English speaker, but... does "sandwich maker" mean anything other than "someone who makes a sandwich" ?

You wrote "About section of anyone single or female, you'll see them dubbed as "lonely" & "sandwich maker.""
I don't understand the 'or'... So if you're a female you're ALWAYS a sandwich maker and if you're a man then you're only a sandwich maker when you're single? Does that mean that when the man is married, his wife should be the sandwich maker? So.. then it is the literal meaning? If this is the case then I understand what you mean with sexist terminology, but I just want to make sure!
Jan. 4th, 2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Hey lady! Good ta hear from ya! :D

I was just trying to relate that if you're single, this translation calls you "1on1y" (an assumption that's not only insulting, but also in many cases VERY not true). It just means that you're not in a major, committed relationship. :) And if you're female, it dubs you a "s4ndw1chm4k3r." The "sandwich maker" term a misogynistic insult born from phrases like "wench, go get me a sandwich," a phrase most often seen amongst groups of geeky people when a woman pipes up with an idea, suggestion, action or comment that certain males in the group find (for whatever reason) disagreeable.

For example: Say a female fighter makes a suggestion about how her gaming party might best confront an oncoming enemy. Jerk X dislikes her suggestion, so in lieu of a valid response, it's become fashionable to say "bitch, go make me a sammich." o.O SO not okay in my book- and I'd hope that anyone who got that response took their gaming elsewhere- and pronto.

Although they only refer to it as an internet phenomenon, this reference is also used in MMORPGs and other gaming circles. But ftmp, this article explains it pretty well: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/violetblue/facebooks-leet-speak-translates-female-to-sandwich-maker/937

Does that help?
And, how're you?
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